The kitties of Laureden are always having a party here...

 Phoenix with J Rae  

 Hope & Diane Deibert  


 Hope, Elena & Harper  

  "Look what's popping up!"
Isabella's Exotic shorthair babies  
  This is what we brought back from
  Meet the Breeds. Her name is Sobe.

Hope's sister Tara &  
her new pointed  
Exotic kitten, Volusia

  GC, NW Laureden Abby Lynn 
  of JKZoo

David White and Lauren  
at the 2008 Annual.  

  Lauren and Bruce.

Sweet Girl on left.  
  Sweet Surprise on right.  
  All out of Sweetie Pie,  
  Dusty's mom.   

  Tommy and Babe. 

Fran and Volusia.   

  Jaiden and Volusia.  

Jaiden and Volusia.     

  The aliens have landed!  

Dum-Dum and Eden.   

  Eddie and Dum-Dum.

   Lauren & her cousin Alex & his new    kitten, a flame point.   

  Lauren and Dreamer    
Photo by Stephanie

  Hope's niece Jennifer with an Exotic kitten from Laureden.

   This Lauren when she first started 
  in cats.

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