With Kathy Chandler at Cotton States  

Duluth, GA.    

  Hope & Forever at Garden State.  

Laureden Lily at the World show just 4 months old.    

  Harper grooming Hope

Laureden Peace of Catortionist getting  
  Best Kitten from Gary Veach.  


  Alicia Gastgaber, Peace & Hope    

Hope & Who Says? in San Diego   

  Hope with GP,RW Dotdotdot's Ditto of Laureden    

Walter Hutzler holding GC Laureden Bunny    

  CFA International 2008  
Hope, David White and Danielle Griggs   

Annual 2006  
Jim Warden, Hope, Peter VanWonterghem  
 and David White   

  Hope holding GC Heida Tatyanna & Hope's cousin Cindy

CFA International 2005  
San Mateo, CA  
GC Laureden Are You Cute of JKZoo  
3rd Best Exotic in Championship  
Tortie Lynx Point Exotic    

  SW Regional Show Ontario CA 2004  
Bob Zenda's Best Cat GC Catsafrats Tea Time  
  (L to R) Bob Zenda, Tea Time, Donna and Bruce Isenberg 

Garden State Cat Fanciers 2004 
   GC Catsafrats Tea Time  
   Thanks Donna and Bruce

  Garden State Cat Fanciers 2004  
  Lauren, Dreamer and Peter VanWonterghem  
  His first show. Wow!! What a start   

Colorado Cat Fanciers 2004 
Kitty Angell finals 2 Himalayans & a CPC  
(L to R) Belinda Ernest with GC Tanglebox Hot Rod Lincoln  
   Danielle Griggs with GC Grovewood's Babycakes  
   and Hope Gonano with GC Laureden Don Corleone  

   NEWS!! GC Laureden Gigi Felini  
   Gigi granded at this show and found a new home with  
   Diane Poitevin & Sandy Merrill 

 Burmese South Cat Fanciers 2004  
  Vicky Abelson finals 2 Himalayans & a CPC  
(L to R) Danielle Griggs with Grovewood's Callawassie,   
   Hope Gonano with Laureden California Dreamer and 
  Elaine King with Dal-Bo Eziekel of Elking   

  This Pajama Party was sooo much fun in Fort  Lauderdale.   
  The decorations, rosettes, raffle table & hospitality were 

   Burmese South Cat Fanciers 2004 
  Vicky Abelson giving "Dreamer" Best Kitten
   (L to R) Steward, Vicky Abelson
and Hope Gonano with 
Laureden California Dreamer  

 Cat Fanciers of Washington 2003  
Tracy Petty finals 3 Himalayans  
  (L to R) Diane Boettcher with GC Dal-Bo's Sealed With a Promise, 
  Hope Gonano with GC Laureden Don Corleone  and Ray Pinder with
   GC Joedean Lucky Stripes 

 Hope, Bunny and a Rex   

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